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Originally posted by Sphinx
"thats a myth and every new driver version proves it more and more"

Execuse me you mean NVIDIA Drivers ? - The ones you can get from Noob Sites wich are proud to announce the first of releasing NOT WHQL Cerified LEAKED Drivers
WHQL certificaton dosent mean diddly squat, the best supporter of that statement is ATi.

Im sure Microsoft says this to Nvidia "Ok, your drivers cant be WQHL certafied because it dosnt comply with 2 specs.

#1 Your drivers share 98% of the code with Linxn and other *nix O/S's that is competely unacceptible.

#2 Your Drivers DO NOT lock up while a few games, even in linux.

Please remove compatability with games, and try to use more priporty windows calls so your code cannot be ported to linux.

Yes im being sarcastic.
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