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Originally posted by VoodooNinja
Nice. Now is that at default 500/1000 or is it overclocked? I just wanted to know, because 3DMARK 03 doesn't report FX Ultra clocks correctly.

How is the gameplay? How is running games at 4XAA/8AF? Noise/Heat? More stable on your Granite Bay board than the 9700 Pro?

Thanks for any additional info.
I'm reinstalling my games now.

Codecreaters runs a lot better and my 3DM01 score is about the same as my 9700.

I put a small homemade card cooler fan on the card and the noise is not bad at all.
No heat problems at all.
I do not know why everyone say they are so loud.
That score is at 530 core. My memory does not seem to overclock.
It only says 1gig. Whats up with that?

Stable as a rock so far.
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