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Default Re: 7800GS whistles/shrieks with simple OpenGL app (attached)

Originally Posted by Griffon26
I have a Club3D 7800GS AGP that starts producing a high-pitched sound when I run a simple OpenGL application. I have reduced the application to basically a single call to SwapBuffers (see attachment for source code). I'm running this application in Linux with nvidia drivers 1.0.9629

I have no problems running 3D games in Windows (don't think there are any OpenGL games among them though). Nor does the problem occur when running glxgears in Linux.

The frequency of the sound produced seems to be dependent on the frame rate, because as I was ripping out more and more stuff from my application the frequency went up.

Has anyone else seen this problem or can anyone reproduce it with the application that I attached? I'm really hesitant to continue testing with this sound going on... it sounds like something's gonna die =(

I've had this problem with a x1900xt and now a 8800GTX. Its nothing to worry about, just a side effect of the high frequencies in the new hardware.
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