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Default blank screen w/ kernel 2239, but not 2054

Hi everyone.

I'm new here. I've done a brief search but have have yet to find any thread with similar issues. I may be a bit long winded, but pls bare with me.

I installed FC5 with kernel 2054 and installed an old version of the nvidia drivers, which I think was 8776, if I remember correctly. Everything was working fine. Then I did the software updates and updated everything, including the kernel, which is now 2239. Then I installed the new 9629 drivers. It then started to get strange.

After the install, I'll do a
init 5
to get to the login GUI, without any problem. Everything works fine. When I do a shutdown and a cold boot the next day, I would get a blank screen. Even
didn't work. I didn't get to the virtual console, which I believe I should get. Doing a
would reboot my PC, except that I don't even get to see the shutdown process.

Now, during this warm boot, when I press ESC at the boot loader, I get an option to boot into the older 2054 kernel. Doing so, the boot process would continue normally, until it reaches the console login prompt. The screen would flicker a few times, presumably the X server was trying to start. Failing which, it would prompt that it failed to start and after displaying the error messages, suggest starting X with the default conf file. After saving this new conf file, the GUI would be able to load, but with the default VESA driver. Going to
System -> Administration -> Display
allowed me to switch to the nvidia driver. Subsequent log off and login again would get the driver working.

One trend I have noticed so far is that from a cold boot, 2239 kernel would give me a blank screen. Following the procedure as above and doing a restart, booting into the 2239 kernel appears to work.

Anyone with any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance.
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