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Default gray points all over the screen but everything ok when booting xp before linux

hi, first of all sorry for my english, and second, i have a problem with nvidia beta drivers 9625 in my debian testing, the thing is that after installing the drivers, rebooting and starting debian, the screen is filled with very little gray points all over the screen, and if i press ctrl + alt + f1 to go to the console and then ctrl + alt + f7 to go back to X everything seems normal, but when i log in and open a console , i try the command glxgears to see if direct rendering is enabled but it doesn't appear any gears and if i try to run quake 3 it shows a black screen and after 10 seconds the desktop is back. but, if i do the next sequence:
turn on my pc
boot windows xp
restart(no shut down)
boot linux
everything works correctly, the gray points do not appear, i can run glxgears and it show the gears and i can run quake 3 perfectly, but if i turn off my pc and i boot directly to linux the problem is back! i don't know what it could be

My PC specs:
Asus k8v-x se
1 gb ram ddr 400(kingston)
geforce mx440
sempron 2600+ socket 754

here i have two logs, one with NO previous windows boot and one with previous windows boot.
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