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Thank you Andy for updating us on this issue.

While I am happy to hear that this is really an issue that nVidia will eventually resolve, I do agree with those of you who would rather see an open source driver based on the specs from nVidia. However, the nvnet module has given me no problems in the past and I assume that the AGPgart driver will be of equal quality, so I will take what I can get. I too am have made a considerable investment into my PC, with an A7N8X Dlx and a Crucial ATI 9700 Pro, and would like to see my investment work up to its potential. I have been a longtime supporter of AMD chips (from the K6 to the Thunderbird, and now a Palomino which I hope to replace soon with a Thoroughbred), and I have not been a very big fan of VIA. The way I see it, the nForce2 was what AMD users have been waiting for, so it is good to see that nVidia will help us get the most out of their chipset. However, in the future hopefully nVidia will work a bit more with the open source community to get these drivers out a bit sooner and keep our kernels 'untainted' and free closed source modules. All that aside, thanks again Andy for making your presence known on this forum.

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