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Default Re: nvidia 6200 agp.. computer crashes..

Originally Posted by munim2020
hey.. here is my computer config:
asrock intel 865gv m/b
intel p4 2.4ghz
512mb ddr33 ram
bigtek nv 6200 agp 256mb

i have my gpu for about a year and it has been running fine... but recently something is wrong.. everytime i open NV control panel the monitor flashes(like when i change the resolution)..btw its a crt monitor. this also happens when i right click on a video file..
the gaming performance is still good.. but sometimes all of a sudden the game just freezes and i can't even get back to windows.. the computer just crashes.. this is especially irritating if I am playing with my friends on LAN!
i re-installed windows xp all over again but it didn't help.. so it should be a hardware problem..i just got the latest NVidia drivers from the website and installed it yesterday.. but its still not solved..
please help! thanks a lot.
even i have

asrock intel 865gv m/b
intel celeron 2.4ghz
but with 1gb ddr333 ram
and Zebronics nVidia 6200 AGP 256mb
I have recently found that if i upgrade to the 9x.xx series of drivers i cant seem to play any videos.... but the gaming performance sure becomes a hell of a lot better....
But when i try to play fifa07.... the computer crashes with a blue screen saying displaydeviceerror or something like that....
nvidia guys dont seem to give a damn about it...... and zebronics is unresponsive.....
i have no idea what to do...
i would appreciate it if someone could help me to fix this problem.... and also find a way for me to be able to upgrade to latest nvidia drivers without having video playback problems....
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