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Angry Re: 1.0-8762 results in "black screen", 1.0-7676 does not. Using FX5200.

I wanted to add this follow up, a few months later.

What happened after this was this: Someone suggested that the
legacy drivers might still work for me, even with the newer kernel.
They did. So, I installed them - upgraded my kernel and finally could
use my DVD+RW again.

Later I needed to upgrade again- this required a new kernel upgrade
and for some reason I could only have one kernel at a time before
that upgrade - so I deleted my old kernel (that worked with the non-legacy
drivers) and upgraded the kernel again.... Result: X didn't work anymore
with the legacy drivers. The new drivers still didn't work either.
I tried EVERYTHING - but there was no way I could get X to work again.
I couldn't find the old kernel on the net either- I was totally ****ed.
How ****ed? ... Well, I had to buy a new PC.

Now the fun part: AFTER I bought a new PC and rescued my data, and
got a working workstation again - I finally was able to do a complete reinstall
of the OS on the old box, from scratch. And guess what: X started again.

Conclusion: This was not a hardware problem (in combination with kernel
version and nvidia drivers). The reason that X didn't start anymore on my
box was because something (software) had been screwed up beyond repair
and only a complete new reinstall of the OS could fix that.

I have a very clear idea now about what that has been: the nvidia installer.
NVidia's installer is PURE evil: they overwrite shared libraries left and right.
Sure - they make a backup, but that is hardly helpful: Normally you upgrade
your system many times (every time you upgrade your kernel, at least - or
do an apt-get upgrade etc). Every time after that you need to reinstall the
nvidia drivers - every time you do that, they make a backup, overwriting the
old libraries with their own nvidia libraries - or (I didn't look at that) if they
don't, leaving the old libraries as "backup". Therefore, if later you uninstall
the nvidia drivers you end up with a totally screwed system. Using their
installer you should, EVERYTIME you upgrade anything on your box (do
you have any idea what they overwrite? I don't) UNINSTALL the nvidia stuff,
THEN upgrade your OS and THEN reinstall the nvidia stuff. I don't think ANYONE
does that...

I've learned from this - I'm not using their installer anymore. I changed from
fedora to debian now - they have nvidia* packages that keep correct administration
of stuff so you don't run into this kind of thing.

PS I have reported - both, in this thread as well as emailed to nvidia - the BUG that
the EDID isn't read anymore correctly (while the data is still there as one can see: there is prove that this is a decoding problem). Yet - NOTHING has happened. We are several versions further now of nvidia drivers - and the EDID is still garbled. I still have to add Options to my xorg.conf telling X to ignore any EDID data. I guess this will never be fixed.
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