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Default Nvidia Video Card Firmware..

I've just been thinking that, would it be possible that some of these problems that we are encountering with the drivers, be related to firmware bugs on the video card we are using??? As from all of the Nvidia video cards I've purchased over the years, I've only ever seen one, that had a firmware update available for it.. (It was the TI-4600, if I remember correctly..And I can't remember what bug it fixed either) Every new card since then, there were no firmware updates at all?! (At least I couldn't find any on the MSI website, which are the brand of cards I use. And their driver update utility doesn't show any updates either) Now, since the firmware is SOFTWARE, just like any other application and software driver, it is also possible to have software bugs!! ... I haven't seen anything on this forum, which relates to problems with the firmware.. Any ideas??


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