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Default Re: 1.0-8762 results in "black screen", 1.0-7676 does not. Using FX5200.

Originally Posted by alaric
Using their
installer you should, EVERYTIME you upgrade anything on your box (do
you have any idea what they overwrite? I don't) UNINSTALL the nvidia stuff,
THEN upgrade your OS and THEN reinstall the nvidia stuff. I don't think ANYONE
does that...
I don't think that is correct. When you start the installer with an existing version still in place, the first thing it does is to call the uninstaller to remove the previous version and supposedly restore the backups. So what the installer then saves is the original file.

Of course this does not mean it cannot go wrong. But not as easily as you describe. Maybe there are problems when the install is interrupted or crashing, or when you do things that the installer does not expect (like using another package management system to update files that the nvidia driver also affects). The installer will put error messages in a logfile in /var/log when it detects such problems.

With kernel updates, there are always the same problems with closed drivers. I know that every time I upgrade the kernel I have to fiddle with the nvidia driver and VMware. But I never had to buy a new computer to fix it.
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