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Default Re: Sharp Aquos EDID FX 5700LE

Originally Posted by pe1chl
I think what you need is: NoEdidDFPMaxSizeCheck

I wish there was a "NoXXXCheck" option that disables all superfluous checks in one go and keeps working across versions.
Every time I upgrade the drivers I have to tweak the configuration to circumvent the extra checks added in that version. It would be nice to have the possibility of just obeying what is written in xorg.conf (modelines, mainly) instead of second-guessing....
Better yet, NVIDIA should make this part of the code Open Source. There can hardly be any company secrets in the part that makes the configuration decisions and handles the Options from the xorg.conf file. The code that decodes the EDID, decodes the Options and then makes the initial configuration decisions (devices, what to assign to what, what modelines to use etc) should be open source- then that part of the code will be greatly improved because it can be scrutinized by hunderds of guru's around the world under Real Life circumstances. The way the code is being maintained now gives the strong impression of heuristics that are mere guesses: Maybe this will work? Nvidia should become tired of maintaining this part too by now: it never seems to completely work. Sure, it works for (no idea... 90%?) and 9% is using work arounds -- if not more -- heavily using all kinds of override Options, but every time anyone has to manually tweak their xorg.conf with those override options the real problem lays in this part of the code imho (not to mention the amount of time that goes into this tweaking world wide).
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