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Default Re: Monitor is not detected at all, and ConnectedMonitor / UseDisplayDevice do not he

Hmm, I wrote
The only really relevant part here is:

-(WW) NVIDIA(0): No connected display devices detected; assuming 1 CRT

meaning that it is detected when connected to the VGA plug.
Nevertheless, I did what you asked
I'm afraid there really is no significant difference with
the Xorg.0.log_VMP17-VGA_NONE.txt that I attached
in my previous post: it's detected and the EDID is garbled.

Can you please answer my previous question?

1) The monitor is detected.
2) Garbled EDID is read as before, but
3) The monitor is assigned to DFP-0 !?!

This, imho is a real bug. If it is detected then it should have
assigned to either CRT-1 or DFP-1. DFP-0 doesn't even exist
(*-0 is the VGA plug)!

Knowing the closed source code, do you have any idea how this
can happen? Is it possible that this is caused by the garbled EDID so
that we can concentrate entirely on that fact?
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