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Default Re: Monitor is not detected at all, and ConnectedMonitor / UseDisplayDevice do not he

Yes, X started in 800x600@60 Hz. I'm working in that now

It is not the cable or the monitor.

For a start, I get the exact same results (down to the bit) with
another cable. But MUCH more important is this (as I already
said before - but you seem to read rather diagonal )


1) This EXACT same set up (cable + monitor + card) did have a working EDID in the past.

2) The EDID broke as a result of an nvidia driver upgrade. If you want I can find back which driver worked last for me.

3) Directly after upgrading the driver (that resulted in the garbled EDID) I have switched back and forward between the old and new driver: the old driver consistently worked, the new driver consistently gives the EXACT SAME EDID output (garbled).

4) The garbled EDID is NOT random. It is reproduced 100%.

5) In a verbose log level 6 (I think) you can see the RAW EDID output from the monitor. This raw data was still the same with the new driver as it was with the old driver. This led me, of course, to the conclusion that the new driver was broken.

6) I reported this to nvidia - never got a reply.

I also wrote before, in this thread, that I'm still more than willing to work together with you to find and fix this particular bug.

Get my email address from my homepage.
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