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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Well before the whole honor system reset (for which we've been hearing it will work more like an exp system with no decays, though the patch info talks about using honor to buy things); McBain decided to have a ball. Knowing honor would reset, he became a bad boy, and killed every last civilian, right before honor reset

I guess his favorite passtime of mind controlling people into inns and civs won't work anymore; though mind controlling off a cliff will still operate. Other then that, it looks like hunters will get a nerf on ranged attack power (only 1 attack power granted per agility rather then 2), though pets will share in the armor and health of the hunter. Dunno, but as we're needing more nature resists for ZG, I went back and started leveling my hunter. He's now 41, and compared to the paladin has proven much easier to take through many of the quests... Course it also helps to have gone through a lot of them before, though it will be strange as one friend I had gone through much of the latter game stuff with, had to leave for a time... Though it'd be cool if he could get back, when another friend of mine and I both get these current chars up in lvl, and the 3 of us could go and do some stuff...

Now, I just wish there could be some patching for the alliances seeming inability to work together in a BG, or now it even seems latter game instances whenever a PuG is involved... Sadly, that will take more doing. And before the shutdown, a different friend of mine wanted to mess with his shammy, so we logged into our horde realm. His shammy is lvl 12, so I brought my now lvl 15 orc hunter, as my Tauren shammy is lvl 6/too much of a level spread. Sure enough, it was the same thing, except it was our, then side that managed to cap the flag, as should be done

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