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Default Re: Monitor is not detected at all, and ConnectedMonitor / UseDisplayDevice do not he

Originally Posted by netllama
Yes, I'd like to know the last driver where this broken EDID issue did not exist.
I tested 1.0-7676 (works) and 1.0-8762 (garbled).
You can see the EDID of both, as well as the raw EDID data
at the top of my post of July 2nd of this year:

That alone should be enough to fix this bug: you have what
the EDID should be, you know what the raw EDID looks like
and you know that the raw EDID is correct. My first thoughts were
that it's a byte/nibble ordering problem, also because the way the raw
data is printed changed from "f38cc4..." to "3f c8 4c...". I would have
attached a patch, but....

I'll get back to you when I have the latest drivers installed.
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