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Default Re: quadro fx 4500 stereo inversion

You stated "Unable to verify this as we don't have a stereo capable CRT available." All CRTs are 'stereo capable', so I'm not sure that I understand what you're referring to, unless you mean that you have no CRTs. Per the driver README, only CRTs are guaranteed to work reliably with stereo.

In your X log I see:
(WW) NVIDIA(GPU-1): Unable to read EDID for display device CRT-0
(WW) NVIDIA(GPU-1): Unable to read EDID for display device CRT-1

Do you know why the EDID for the display devices cannot be read?

Also, the driver is detecting two CRTs, yet, you are using the ExactModeTimingsDVI & Allow DFPStereo options, which are both reserved for DFPs. Can you clarify this?

I have a few questions/suggestions:
0) Please rename your 1280x1024 modeline to something unique so that it can be more easily tracked in the X log.
1) If you set the ForceStereoFlipping option instead of the XineramaStereoFlipping option in xorg.conf, does that have any impact on the problem?
2) Does this problem persist with the 1.0-9742 driver?

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