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Default Re: HDTV output from Geforce 2 Ti?

DIRECTEDITION: I have the exam same TV(Insignia NS-27LCD), and am having similiar issues... I turned off EDID and when i attempt to output at say like 1280x720 (or any widescreen resolution) the monitor will display the NO SIGNAL box. How did you get it to display widescreen resolutions? Maybe the issue is with my desktop, however, but I feel as though it may be an issue with the TV.

I have it hooked up through VGA as well. I am outputing from an ATI x800 Pro video card with 256mb ram. I am running through Windows Vista RC1 with Vista drivers for card (ATI CATALYST). I know this is an nVidia/linux forum but i was hoping since it may be an issue with the TV you could help me.

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