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Default Re: *** Official World of Warcraft Thread ***

Originally Posted by Son Goku
You might find this odd; but I think some people are getting sick of the total n00bs, that get rushed to lvl 60 in a forte night, and have no idea of how to play. Peeps have also gotten sick of lvl 1s demanding practically that lvl 60s come down and spend all their time lvling them to 60 *now* so they don't have to play*, while trade window spamming for gold.

As to the low guys who want a fast rush so they don't have to play the game (and never learn); many of us are just sick of random runs through instances from lfg channel where we get them, and never make it through..
That's why the game should start everyone at level 60. The grind up to 60 is just a speedbump, and it is total B.S. People spend a hundred bucks on a leveling service to get them through the crap and allow them to start playing with everyone else. Hey, Guess what, no matter what class you play, there are only a handful of functions required to play in group or a raid. If you really think your class takes 3-6 months to learn, then you greatly overestimate your duties in a group - or you do not know how to play your class.

World of Warcraft is a fairly fun game, but it is mostly a huge time-sink. I think it is Blizzard's ploy to get people to invest a ton of time, thus they are less likely to leave should they get bored with the end-game. (People don't like to think they made bad investments, less so when they make bigger investments.)

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