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Originally posted by Solomon
Well he said it's not performing great in 3Dmark03 with the card they received. But who knows, he never tested games on it. So for what it's worth it could be a great card. But from what he told me. It just seems the NV35 is nothing but what the NV30 should of been. At least this early in time... Things could change. They got 2 more months though...

I don't think this card is going to wipe the floor of the 9800 Pro. Especially how high the 9800 Pro can OC too..

D. Solomon Jr.

Err, Solomon, as you said, those are *300Mhz* cards.
The NV35 high-end model is launching at 500/400, AFAIK ( could be wrong though )

My guess is that nVidia's developer cards are just the one they can't clock high enough - so they don't lose any money giving them!


EDIT: Now that I'm thinking about it, probably not. It's probably the low-end GL model. The equivalent of the Quadro FX 1000, that one is clocked at 300/300 too.
Considering 3DMark 2003 is sometimes limited by memory sometimes by clock, you could do:

4200 / 300 * ( ( 400 + 500 ) / 2 ) = 4200 / 300 * 450 = 4200 * 1.5 = 6300

Seems in line with what I was expecting. Heck, those are not 100% final drivers, so it might get up to 6500. Oh, sure, it "cheats" a little, but heck, not more than the NV30.

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