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Originally posted by Uttar
Err, Solomon, as you said, those are *300Mhz* cards.
The NV35 high-end model is launching at 500/400, AFAIK ( could be wrong though )

My guess is that nVidia's developer cards are just the one they can't clock high enough - so they don't lose any money giving them!

Hehehe. You're probably right. I just thought it was funny when he read off a 3Dmark03 score of their developer card. Heh. They probably aren't optimized worth of anything, but hopefully the cards do well with games. 3DMark03 is lame, but if that's any indication of a 300Mhz version. It just seems the results will just be the same as the predecessor and just that the FSAA / AF scores will be higher due to the 256-bit memory bus.

Who knows, it could all change when the cards come out in June. I just don't see it destroying the competition. It seems the Radeon 9800 Pro will still be slightly better.

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