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Originally posted by Solomon
Seems the NV35 is making the rounds to developers. My friend said his company received one and it's only running at 300MHz now. He shot me a 3DMark03 score. It's on a Pentium 2.4Ghz. Not to impressive to say the least. Not sure what drivers were used, but the score was around 4200. Hehe.

I just don't see the NV35 as a huge increase over the NV30. But who knows, maybe Nvidia can do something.. I'm curious how much are all you paying for your Ultra 5800's ?

D. Solomon Jr.
GPURW reported that a while ago : P but not hte 3dmark03 score!

Intresting to say the least, you need to ask your friend to clock it at a lower speed and see if we can make a corralation for each mhz and the score, so we can predit! or we could just guess : P
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