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I'm having some screen resolution issues after swapping out my bad LCD for a salvaged one from another computer. My computer is an Inspiron 8100 with a GeForce2 Go graphics card. The LCD is 15" off a Dell Latitude C840. Everything attached the same, hinges bolted up correctly, wiring connector was the same... Thought it would be a simple bolt on thing.

Im stuck in Mutiple Monitors in the Display dropdown menu but I'm not really stuck in 800X600 resolution since I can adjust it all the way up to 1600X1200 but at anything higher then 1024X768 and text is unreadable...very grainy. Color quality under multiple monitors is at 32 bit.

If I click Default monitor under display then screen resolution shows 1600x1200 at 16bit color quality. When I try to change color quality to 32 bit the screen resolution jumps down to 1280x1024, then if I try to apply changes it jumps back to defualt monitor 1600x1200 16bit color. Closing the display properties window and opening it again shows that it is still in multiple monitor under display

My current display driver is nv4_disp.dll Version

Is this just a matter of installing a new driver? Any clues as to which one I may need. I was on the Nvidia site but didn't find anything. Any help would be appriciated.

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