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Default Re: nForce 4 corrupting data written to HDD

Below the script I was using. It should be fairly obvious how to adapt it to your configuration. In short

1) cd to the destination directory
2) copy from the source directory to the current directory
3) flush dirty pages to disk by reading a couple of large files
4) calculate md5sums for the copied files
5) compare the checksums to known correct checksums
6) if any checksums are incorrect do a byte comparison of all files

On my system this would report at least one file being corrupted on every iteration. How long this takes will depend on the speed of your system. Obviously since we don't have root cause, and therefore don't know where the problem lies, there is a risk that you won't be able to reproduce the failure. Your best chance will be to adhere as closely to my configuration as possible.

I'll upload the output of a few runs of the following script as attachments to this thread.

integer i=0
cd /vmware/c
while : ; do
cp /home/krader/WinXP/* .
cat /vmware/WinXP/Windows\ XP-f001.vmdk /vmware/WinXP/Windows\ XP-f002.vmdk > /dev/null
md5sum Windows* > /tmp/x
echo iteration $i
if diff ~/good.vmware.md5sums /tmp/x ; then
for f in Windows* ; do
echo $f
cmp -l "/home/krader/WinXP/$f" "$f"
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