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Default Re: ASUS Striker Extrene "strikes out" at [H]OCP

Just for the record, let me set a few things straight.

Nobody was banned over this Striker thread. That is assinine. Tikiman44 even ASKED to be banned. Someone did though look to lock themselves out of their own account by changing some information and inputting a nonworking email address that cannot be used to retrieve a changed password today....this afternoon. So don't make me the bad guy here, as it seems that someone else is FLAT OUT LYING to others about my actions.

Yes, we got it wrong about the CMOS clear button, sorry, we changed that, thanks. To be perfectly honest, I was not really worried about the issue with the CMOS button given the fact that we were having OC troubles with the board. I am unsure why it is a big issue with some others.

I wish the Striker would have been all it was cracked up to be, but the simple fact is that the experience we had with it was fairly poor given our expectations. Two independent reviews with seperate test equipment verified this of our board as well as a third party with another board. Our experience of course does not dictate yours. It is not the first time we have seen different results than a reader. Given that, it is our duty to pass along to our readers what our results were when verified. ASUS was told about the issues before Thanksgiving and have had NO SOLUTIONS for us. We pointed this out in the review.

As for me responding quickly to your replies today and you thinking that is sad, well, I had some time today to do some forum right now. I love our forums and like to be a part of them. I love talking to our readers and giving them our side of the story. It was obvious that Tikiman44 showed up today in our forums to start trouble with his comments. Water off a duck's back bro. Sorry he did not get the reaction he was looking for. It's just a mobo and ain't worth getting upset about..unless of course you paid $400 for one that does not perform! Ouch.

As for checking out Conroe can find mine on the leaderboard of our database for the E6300...stable. The post is here. And I will leave a screen with you.

Hey, is that my lowly E6300 ($166 CPU on a $100 cheaper mobo) running as fast as your E6700 ($500 CPU on a $100 more expensive mobo)???

We do what we do, and we are glad that folks question us and hold our feet to the fire on a daily basis. It makes it fun and it makes us do a better job. As for all the name calling, well, as I have learned first-hand, that just erodes the ground you are standing on and makes your arguments look weak.

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