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The original monitor that came off the computer is 15" and had an optimal resolution of 1600x1200. The seller of my replacement screen listed this monitor as 1600x1200 also. Like I said. I can switch to this resolution but then I can't read text because it gets grainy. When I switch back to a lower resolution the warning message telling me that I'm not setting it to optimal resolution pops up. My old monitor (before the backlight died) could be set to any resolution and look good.

Anyone else have any thoughts? Were the screens on latitudes and inspirons different in some way? Were ther drivers for the screens different. I couldn't find anything that put this information in simple terms. I can live with it at a lower resolution, this was just a cheap fix until I buy a new computer but if its just a matter of downloading and installing a new driver then I'd like to do it.

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