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Question Beginner OCing X2 4800+


I know there is another thread which is self-explanatory about OCing, but i have some questions that you might help me to clarify.

For the start i went to the mobo (see sig) bios options and set the overclocking options to manual, then i pushed the FSB frequency to 219 which is the maximum my memory sticks (see sig) cand handle at the lowest timings (dunno if they could go higher), i locked the pci-e frequency to 100 and left everything else at default (HTT x5, FSB Multiplier and so on), I booted up into XP with no problems and the first thing i did was to run Everest, Sisoft Sandra (i know those are not demanding test) to see that i had the gain i was expecting, of course, performance improved.

After toying around with the PC playing some games for like 30 min. i wondered if that wasn't enough and trying to be really sure about stability i run Prime95. To my surprise, the PC could not even finish the first test (are there more?) in the torture run and got an error seconds after it started.

I tried then to run all the CPU and Memory test from Rightmark Memory Analyzer and everything went perfect, i was shocked.

What is wrong with Prime95? Could you give some tips as to how far can i push this processor with air cooling?

Another thing that worries me is that the HTT bus is running at 1095 mhz...

Is the HTT speed the problem?? Is there a way to lock it?

AMD Phenom II X6 1055t @3,6ghz
Noctua NH-D14
8GB Geil Dragon Quadkit (800mhz) 5-5-5-13
Asus M4A79 Deluxe
2x VTX3D 4850 1GB
1x WD Raptor 450 GB
1x WD Raptor 300 GB
1x WD Caviar se 160 GB
1x Plextor Premium CD-R\RW 52x/32x/52x
1x Plextor DVD-R\RW PX-760SA
Coolermaster CM690-II Advanced
Super Flower SF-1000P14HE Amazon 80plus

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