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Default Re: I never knew at nVNews that it was Ok.....

I think we can all get a little worked up over some things, and I'm sure we all get defensive of our own work (as Kyel may have done), we should leave it at that. Mistakes were made, we all make them. Live 'n Learn

Now a little satire to brighten your day:
ROOTERS 12-07-2006
A flame war has begun across many computer enthusiast forums on the Internet citing site flaws and disinformation on targeted boards. These uneasy alliances are a conglomeration of the "fanboys" and "regulars" of the various sites involved. The term "fanboy" references the splinter factions within the IT community itself based upon company or product preference. These splinter factions have united to combat a common foe in the battle against other enthusiast sites. The cause for this new war is unclear, however many speculate that it was caused by frequent criticism and "bashing" of sites on other message boards. MykeSee, the mastermind behind declined to comment on that speculation stating that, "This war will be a costly one both for the community and for me personally. I am close friends with many of the other administrators of the computer enthusiast community and this will undoubtedly bring an end to many of their wonderful creations." MykeSee also played a key role in the cross-site world-wide review of various computer components. This massive undertaking by many of the enthusiast websites hoped to provide a stop-gap against the growing digital-divide between their respective communities.

Wilburt Wiggadoorn, creator of the enthusiast site, seeing the rise of tensions put forth a declaration to his community commanding they remain neutral to the aggressions of other sites. " and its members have agreed to stay our reply buttons and instead attempt to arbitrate a ceasefire.", says Mr. Wiggadoorn, "We respect our fellow members of the enthusiast community too much to raise a hand against them, instead we will focus on a way to quell this dire situation. We know this process will take time, we just hope we can stop it before too many are hurt."

It is apparent that the landscape of the online computer enthusiast community will be changed forever as a result of this war and their members lives affected for many years to come. More on this as the situation develops.
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