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Default Re: I never knew at nVNews that it was Ok.....

Originally Posted by Qlitchford
Tiki...I don't know what you did over there but you LAMB BASTED the guy here. You tore apart him and his site because he they made a couple mistakes and MIGHT have just gotten a bad board.

In that post he tried to set the record straight, then made a casual joke at the end (how I took it, anyways). I don't know where he got the Alienware thing from...but damn. I don't really see that as an attack, especially compared to some of the things you said about him for making a mistake.

But like rewt said, if it really bothers you that much just put him on ignore. That, and don't go back to his forum. Would you do the same thing here if MikeC made an error reviewing a motherboard?

Its just a review on a piece of hardware. Ignore him and his site and all of your problems disappear!
Lambasted is one word, brah.
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