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Default Re: X Server crash trying to run quake 4, neverwinter nights (9629 x86_64)

Originally Posted by netllama
This bug was fixed in 1.0-9631 (released a few days ago).
When I downloaded 1.0-9631 from and ran the installer, what I actually got was 9629.

To be sure, I reverted back to 8774, and then downloaded your 9631 file again, and ran it. It installed 9629 again.

What's up with that?

[ edited with new information ]

I did some checking, and I've never downloaded 9629. However, I did run the 8774 installer with the auto-update option, which might well have put 9629 in place.

Shouldn't the 9631 installer overwrite that version though? I use the -a -q and --nogui options to make it faster. Do they imply anything that might have caused 9629 to get installed instead?

I'm going to try again later today, but let me know if there is something I should clean up first.
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