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Default Terminal Window not opening in Ubuntu after installing Nvidia latest Bin driver

I use Ubuntu and am new to it. I am gradually getting a drive on my machine working under Ubuntu so that I can switch to it from Windows.

I run two monitors using a GForce 7600. I managed to configure my xorg.conf using the xinerama mode. Since getting it to work I have not been able to access Ubuntu's terminal window and I do not know how to correct this. In order to use Xineram mode I had to install the NVidia binary driver.

Initially I used the Nvdia binary driver via synaptic. I have updated the driver using the latest version that has just been released. With both versions of the driver I can not open the Terminal Window. When I click to open it the mouse changes to a spinning stop watch for about 10 sec and then stops without the window opening.

Would there be any gain from me posting the Xorg.0.log into this topic? It is very long. I could also post my Xorg.conf. I have not done so this time because this is not an Ubuntu Conference, but I would like help. It was suggested this was the place to get it.

Are there any suggestions as to how I can trace and correct this fault?

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