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Originally posted by Badash
Yea they are loud but the Gameve Gainward comes with the standard nvidia fx flow not the one pictured. Here is the fan that comes with the Geforce FX 5800 Ultra reference ys-tech BD1250159B-21 46.5db(yeah what was it a 90 year old deaf guy?)

Panaflo FAL3F12LL
i have 80mm case fans that have higher db ratings. the default cooler that comes with the Athlon 2000+ (the thin one) pulls over 72db.

its the ducting. that plastic is vibrating and its letting the noise out the back of the box. FlowFX is a damn nice cooler for free, if you ask me. i think the swithching (turning on and off) intermittently creates annoyance for the user experience, but i accredit most sound complaints to people just thinking its 'supposed' to be loud because they read it somewhere.
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