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Talking Re: I never knew at nVNews that it was Ok.....

Originally Posted by crainger
Do a Google search for Tikiman44 and see where it leads you. Wouldn't be to hard for him to work out Tikiman44 became Tikiman1.
True enough.

I'm just sorry the whole thing happened. Apparently it's OK to criticize the product being reviewed, but not the reviewer.

I'm sorry to MikeC because sometimes I feel that I may be more trouble than I'm worth. And I'm sorry to the EVGA guys, because they need the [H] for business reasons.

And finally I'm sorry to was unlike me to say those things and be so critical. I am not that type of person. But trust me Kyle you will like the Striker Extreme a lot once you have a good one (a board that works) and some time to spend with it.

So sorry everyone.

It is tempting to take a "real" break from the forums for a while (although we have seen how that turns out aka Tikiman44).
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