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Default Crashes in Wolfenstein SP Demo

Wolfenstein always crashes after clicking [apply] in the "options - graphics" menu.

If I don't change the graphics settings and just try to play, the intro looks really ugly (wrong colors/textures) and at some point it stops so I can't play.

I tried other 3D games (tuxkart, tuxedo, tux racer, search and rescue, glchess) and they all work well.

My System:
ASUS P5A Bios version 1011
ALi M1541
PNY Verto (GeForce4 Ti 4200)
SuSE 8.0 (I recompiled the NV driver)

The NVidia README says that ALi 1541 chipsets (1541 = M1541 ??) have problems with AGP so NVdriver will disable it by default. That is not true, AGP was enabled (/proc/drivers/nvidia/agp/status).

Turning AGP off (NvAGP=0) does not help Wolfenstein.

The BIOS is configured as described in the README ("Turbo AGP" disabled, "IO Recover Time" set to 4).
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