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Originally posted by ricercar
I've never seen a complaint about FX Flow sound levels posted by an actual owner of a GeForce FX card. I certainly don't mind my FX Flow sound level. My PSU makes more noise than the FX Flow, and the PSU is always on.
Never heard of a so noisy PSU - is it home-made? j/k

More seriously though, I got to agree with you. Complains coming from actual GeForce FX owners are very, very rare - although I did see a few ones. Some of those actually come from fanATIcs who only got the card to have the right to complain anyway, so it isn't worthwhile to note.

One of reasons, I guess, is that the noise was hyped way more than necessary. Sure, it's loud, but I'd guess that compared to what the web made it to be, it must be rather quiet. In fact, wouldn't be surprised if some FX owners feared the worst and had a good surprise with it Who knows!

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