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Default Re: Beginner OCing X2 4800+

Well I have heard you never want to go above 1000 on HTT, but 1095 doesn't seem to bad. You can set it to 4x and test jsut to see if that is the issue.

Also set your memory multiplier down as well jsut to make sure your memory is not at fault.

Basically if you are trying to find your highest stable CPU clock make sure your memory and HTT are at or below their stock speeds, to put the fault point squarly on the CPU. That way you can be sure the CPU is causing the lock and not something else.

I run a 4xHTT and 333Mhz memory, that way with a 250MHz bus I am right at 1000HTT and my memory is running at 415MHz. My CPU sits at a nice stable 2.75Ghz that way.
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