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Default Geforce fx 5200 and 3d gaming

I've been running plenty of games since upgrading suse8.1 to suse8.2, i've installed so far quake2, quake3, unreal tournament, unreal tournament 2003, and serious sam the first encounter and second encounter, I started to notice that when I was pushing ut2003 alittle to see were it stands on benching that after setting the ut2003.ini within /home/myself/.ut2003 to use more than 32megs for cache that it started to reboot the system, and thought that it caused problem, but after removing the file ut2003.ini and starting the game it built a new file but it started to reboot the system in less than 5 minutes. Is there a heating problem with Geforce fx 5200 cards that do not have active cooling on the video card? These cards were promoted as gaming/dx9 for the masses but its anything if all you can get out of the cards is maybe 10-20 mins of gaming at a time.

Is there anyway I can find out for sure that its cooling/ overheating thats causing the problems or just a bad install of a game under linux?

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