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Originally posted by Uttar

One of reasons, I guess, is that the noise was hyped way more than necessary. Sure, it's loud, but I'd guess that compared to what the web made it to be, it must be rather quiet. In fact, wouldn't be surprised if some FX owners feared the worst and had a good surprise with it Who knows!

That would be me, after reading all the blurb about the noise i was half expecting something sounding like a high-powered vacuum cleaner. When i started up a game for the first time i braced myself..... then realised it had just kicked in and i hadent gone deaf. It is loud, well louder than a normal graphics card but i think its such a good idea (ejecting all the heat out the back of the case) that i really dont mind the extra bit of noise. When you are actually playing a game i forget about it anyway... all noise becomes irrelvent hehe.

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