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Default Safe voltage increase for DDR400 memory?

My CPU will do 2.85Ghz, but due to the fact my memory won't go over 415Mhz I am stuck at 2.75Ghz without dropping all the way down to 266 for memory in the BIOS, which negates the CPU gains becuase of the reduced bandwith.

So I am thinking maybe I can increase the memory voltage to see if it will go over 415Mhz. I have never messed with mem voltage, so I'm wondering how much of an increase I should try? Will the smallest increment be enough, or will it take more than that?

This is what I'm running right now:

250Mhz FSB
4xHTT (1000MHz)
333mem (415MHz) stock voltage
2.75GHz CPU stock voltage
Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem Quad @ 4.0GHz
EVGA GTX 660 SLI @ 1046MHz
OCZ Platinum CL7 6GB
EVGA Intel X58
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