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Originally posted by StealthHawk
the FUD is that you said the gfddr was a 6 month refresh and that there was 1 year between gf1 and gf2

Yes, I admitted that I made a mistake in one cycle over four years. Nitpick all you want... my intentions were certainly not to misinform anyone. My point was valid, my reasoning sound, and one error in my data does not dismiss my argument.

You took this original very simplistic listing: (NV10 to NV15, NV15 to NV20, NV20 to NV25, NV25 to NV30)... GF 256 DDR, GF2 Ultra, GF3 Ti, NV28... and made a big deal of the one case where "about a year" = 8 months, and "six month refresh" = 4 months.

In case you have forgotten, the whole point was to address the issue of some peoples flights of fancy in wishing for the NV35 to show up in the first half of next year.

No matter how you spin it, that's just not realistic.

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