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Default Re: Monitor is not detected at all, and ConnectedMonitor / UseDisplayDevice do not he

Originally Posted by netllama
There were 3 driver releases between 1.0-7676 and 1.0-8762:

Please isolate whether the EDID detection worked in those three, as well as testing 1.0-9742 & 1.0-9631.

Hi again - after some real hard work, I finally have the requested data.
I'll attach them as files.

It took me another full day to downgrade my kernel, because 1.0.7667
didn't compile on 2.6.17. After some more tweaking on my script I managed
to build debian packages for ALL nvidia drivers, all for kernel 2.6.15.

Then, after replacing the nvidia drivers and libraries, I started X with:
startx -- -logverbose 6
and ran the following command to get relevant data:

awk 'BEGIN { show=0 } /--- EDID .* ---/ { show=1 } { if (show) print } /--- End of EDID .* ---/ { show=0 } /\((EE|WW)\)|Assigned|module version =|NVIDIA X Driver/ { print }' /var/log/Xorg.0.log | egrep -v '(\(WW\) warning, \(EE\) error, \(NI\)|\(WW\) The directory "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11|compiled for 7\.1\.1, module version = )'
The output of which is attached.

As you can see, 1.0.8174 is the first version at which things go wrong.
This is the same version where the raw EDID is printed differently (I think
you could have known this and had not ask me for this data - but ok).


PS I Kept the full Xorg.0.log files too. If you want to see one, ask me.
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