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Originally Posted by bob saget
Hey guys
Just need some expert opinion on how bad is 6150 LE integrated card. Now I like to play games such as FEAR, CS:Source, DOD:Source, and HL2...

Also please give names of other cards that would give a great boost in graphics but cost under 200 US.

My other specs are AMD 64 3700, 2 gigs ram, and 7200 RPM 200 gig hard d.
Thanks in advance.
The 6150LE is considered a budget or low-end graphics solution by most gamers.

Most "3D" games would need to be played at 800x600 or lower with many graphics settings turned down.

Not knowing if you have AGP or PCIe, I cannot really make any solid recommendations.

6800GT or better would be a good idea with the processor and ram you have though.

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