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Default Re: Display bleeding off monitor edges at max resolution


I am experimenting and am trying to move from Windows to Linux. I have installed Kubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft and I also installed the latest NVidia linux drivers (64 Bit) last night.

This was a god send in that I managed to move from the basic 640 x 480 resolution, which was bleeding off the display edges to a mighty 800 x 600!
However everything is now on the screen and I can use it all properlly.

The next step is to ramp it up to my maximum display resolution of 1280 x 720, which the driver will do. However, when I do this I'm back to the display bleeding over the edges of the screen again, so I can't see the full desktop and taskbar. This is on my 32" widescreen LCD TV by the way, if that's relevant.

How do I fix this, while maintaining this resolution?

Previously in Windows I have been able to reduce the display size to fit the dimension of the screen, using the tweak tool on the driver. Is there anything similar for Linux?

Thanks for any help.
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