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Default Re: Beginner OCing X2 4800+

Originally Posted by sillyeagle
Also set your memory multiplier down as well jsut to make sure your memory is not at fault.
Do you mean the FSB multiplier?, because i donīt see any other multiplier in my mobo settings (i told you i was a beginner ).

Originally Posted by sillyeagle
From what I have seen there is no performance gain in raising HTT, and if its taken to high (more than 1100) it can lead to premature failure, or so it has been said. There is a lot of info out there suggesting its not good to overclock HTT, though I know there are also a lot of guys doing it. Personally I would say if there is no performance gain then why add more stress to it?
So far, changing the HTT to 4 and keeping the rest as it was didn't change anything in the system, I mean, the Prime 95 problem is still happening (i does not finish). So, you are right, so far HTT does not affect stability if pushed up no far than 1100.

Originally Posted by Bman212121
Your best best is to drop the multiplier for the HTT and the ram below their stock speeds
Isn't the memory multiplier derived from the CPU multiplier?.

Thx to all, i'll try when i get home.
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