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Default Re: AGP not working (FreeBSD 6.1, NVIDIA 96.31)

Now something new has happend ... after upgrading to 9631 (this time by portupgrade -a from ports) I'm unable to rollback to 8178. If I install 8178 and start X the monitor goes black then turns off after a few seconds and around that time system becomes totally unresponsive (even Num Lock doesn't work). After reinstalling 9631 driver X starts but everything is laggish and working in console emulator is *PAINFUL*. Moving the cursor in mc in console emulator is more than painful - cursor is not moving smoothly but jumps some rows stops then jumps again ... With the 8178 it console worked very fast and smooth and it's so awful that I'm switching to text console and the go back to X when I need a console. Please FIX IT . And one good thing - Quake3 works OK but I need to work too .
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