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Originally posted by euan
What do you mean by that? Are you saying the Radeon 9700 doesn't work with Dual CPUs? If so then that's BS, becuase I've used all 3 generations of the Radeon sucessfully on my Dual Athlon XP system. The 9700 has been the most stable of them all.

ease up tiger.

the Radeon drivers are not SMP aware nor do they support multi-threading (they still operate in single CPU mode. pretty damn well too). why should they? when they fully support linux, they will most likely bring that online, i would guess. (for example i can run all id games and all games based on Q3 or Doom engine in SMP accelerated mode. silky nvidia ncreamy smoothness my smp brother)

the FireGL drivers were multi-threaded when developed by DiamondMultimedia on the IBM chipset, but im not sure about it on the ATi solution. its probably a large reason why the current firegl solution is so much slower in applications than the QuadroFX.

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