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Default Re: Overclocking tutorials, links, etc

Originally Posted by shaker718
I vote for Stickie as well. It would be great to have a single thread to refer us Noobs to, rather than having 50 threads asking for the same info.

PS: any links on OC'ing specific motherboards? I used this thread when I tried OC'ing my A8v Deluxe:

provides many many guides and information regarding DFi motherboards, but it also applies to pretty much overclocking in general. I first was an overclocking noob a few years ago, and after getting my first DFI board 2 months ago, I'm very impressed with dfi-street for support, help, and highly technical information. I've got my 3800x2 at 2.75ghz 100% prime stable [16 hours at least] at 1.48v.

to the op: what exact 3800x2 do you have? mine is listed in my sig, however there were a few steppings that didnt clock so well unless extreme voltage was applied. a friend of mine got his 3800x2 for $300 quite a few months ago and he can only get it up to 2.4 or so before it fails, however he doesnt have an ideal cooling solution or an ideal motherboard to begin with. my brother and mine reaches 2.7 and 2.75ghz respectively running near 1.45v or so, using an arctic cooling freezer 64pro on dfi lanparty nf4 ultraD boards, using pc4000 memory @ 306x9 with a 5/6 divider.
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