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Default Re: why lower the mulitplier?

Originally Posted by OrangeBlast
Why would you want to lower the mulitplier on the CPU? I mean....if you can do x9 on the cpu and 350 on the FSB....whats would really be the benefit of doing x8 and say 400 on the FSB?

I you pretty much just try different mulitplers and FSB combonations just to see if the cpu will do better with an x8 than a x9?

uh..........explain to me here.

Like the previous poster explained, but especially to open up your options for memory. My memory wont do 275mhz, it wont no matter how hard i try. If I keep the multi at 10x and pump fsb to 275 my cpu is hitting 2.75ghz, but memory is hitting 275mhz [no divider] as well. My board is good to 355mhz, so i lowered the multi to 9x, raised the fsb to 305 and my cpu is still running 2.75ghz, but my ram is within spec at [250mhz running on a 5/6 divider]

It most importantly gives you better options for getting your memory near its rated speed or the speed you know its good to. My RAM is pc4000 and is rock solid at its stock 250mhz speed, but its not great overclocking ram, it can only do 255mhz max with ultra loose timings, therefore using a 9x multi on my cpu instead of 10x gets me the most out of my system. My cpu is a 3800+x2 stock is 10*200. Theres no benefit in lowering the multi and raising the FSB and using a divider to get your memory running at the same speed it was on the other multi at all, sometimes it helps with stability for unknown reasons [at least to me] but other than that, theres no real benefit.
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