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Default Re: Beginner OCing X2 4800+

Originally Posted by litri
Isn't the memory multiplier derived from the CPU multiplier?.

Thx to all, i'll try when i get home.
The CPU multi and the memory multi are seperate.

It's technically a divider for the memory. The FSB is what everything is based off of. The HTT is a multiple of the FSB, as is the CPU multi, and the memory is actually considered a divider. So when you are chaging the FSB, you can change the memory from a 1:1 ratio, (Same speed for both) to something like 2/1.66 (memory will be slower than fsb.) So say your fsb is a stock 200. If you changed the memory divider to 2/1.66, it will lower the memory to 166MHZ, which is PC2700. That's how you can run lower speed ram without losing system stability.

What board do you have, there might be a way to change it.
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