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Default Re: Beginner OCing X2 4800+

Originally Posted by litri
System is stable. Could i push the FSB to reach again DDR400 at the timmings i am using (2-3-2-5-1T)? Do i really have room to push more??

Thx for all the tips, dudes.
Not sure what chips your memory modules use, but, BH5 chips eat voltage some like over 3v to get stable at really high speeds, others like my samsung UCCC chips like lower volts. 2.7v at 255mhz is the sweet spot for mine. However I would like to point out 2 things to you. When priming, you have to run TWO instances of prime95 one for each core and assign each core to one instance of prime95, if you run one then you are only testing 50% of each core.

Another is: your memory timings are pretty tight, so if you run into stability issues loosen them a tad. say 2-3-3-6. HTT is important to keep very near or below 1000, in fact raising it will give you NO performance gains. If you are going over 200mhz fsb, lower the multi for HTT to 4x....thats it, nothing more to be said about that. You won't lose any performance. Another thing---ensure your PSU is up to the task and watch temps like crazy when overclocking. If i didnt have to go to the bathroom so bad I'd be more in depth lol.

Please visit and READ the overclocking tutorial as well as proven research that proves cpu mhz is king over timings, and htt and etc on these AMD platforms. BTW, priming is good, but it needs to at least pass for 12 hours at the minimum. 24 hours is consider rock solid by most people- i call 12-16 hours good enough for me.

Make sure you do a custom torture test and allocate 800MB for every GB you have. Don't just run the standard torture test.
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