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Angry Redhat 7.2, X and Geforce 4

Hi. I've recently installed Redhat 7.2, but unfortunately it's older than my graphics card and does not support it as is.

I can only get GNOME to run in 320x200 - nothing higher, so i can't configure my modem or anything. As a result, i can't download the newer drivers.

So... Does anyone know how i can get the drivers onto a floppy from windows, and run them in LInux? My problem is the GLX files are 1.6 mb, and a floppy only 1.4. Alternatively, if anyone knows of a way to get my card working properly, or of smaller non-official drivers, that'd also be much appreciated.

In any replies, keep in mind i'm a complete newbie, so thorugh instructions would be good.

Thanks in advance.
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